There really is a Betheny in the kitchen at Betheny’s Best Brufflettes, baking up a storm of scrumptious, nutritious delights. Being a stickler for wholesome, unadulterated foods, Betheny insists on using only the healthiest, finest ingredients money can buy. But, if it doesn’t taste good, no matter how healthy it is for you, she won’t eat it. That’s what makes her a true “foodie” gourmet. You can rest assured all of Betheny’s products meet her high epicurean standards. If it doesn’t taste divine it won’t be packaged.

Betheny is what you might refer to as a dessert hound. She can’t survive one day without eating something chocolaty or sweet. On the other hand, she is extremely health conscious and prepares all her food from scratch. Processed ingredients of any kind are forbidden in her kitchen.

That being said, her daily habit of rich dessert consumption was sabotaging her healthy diet regime. Alternatively, she went to health food stores searching for “healthy” desserts. That only accomplished in filling her garbage can with expensive dessert replicas having terrible texture with unpleasant aftertastes that were veritably not really healthy dessert alternatives but just weren’t as bad for you as traditional desserts.

She then searched the Internet for healthy good tasting dessert recipes. One after the other touted great taste and nutrition. Again, Betheny’s garbage can was filled with batches of brick mortar textured brownies and dry crumbly cookies. That is why she decided to don the chef hat and be both Betty Crocker and Albert Einstein, feverishly experimenting until she got it right. Woola! The creation of a superlative, tasty confection with a pleasing texture using the finest, wholesome ingredients. A dessert that is truly GOOD FOR YOU anytime of the day – frozen, chilled or at room temperature. One bite, you’ll be hooked for life.