Chocolate BloomChocolate Bloom is visible by whitish streaks, hazy cast or dots on the surface of the chocolate. While this condition will somewhat alter its aesthetic appeal, IT WILL IN NO WAY COMPROMISE THE TASTE, TEXTURE OR HEALTH BENEFITS OF THE CHOCOLATE.

There are two types of “Bloom”:

Fat Bloom – is the visible accumulation of large cocoa butter crystals on the surface of the chocolate. It is often present with numerous superficial cracks that will dull the appearance of the chocolate. Fat bloom feels oily and melts when touched.

Sugar Bloom – is a crystallization of sugar that is often caused by high humidity and the formation of condensation (sweating) when a cold product is brought into a warm area. Sugar bloom will feel grainy to the touch.

The best way to prevent both types of “bloom” is by avoiding the following conditions:


Thus, proper storage of your chocolate is paramount for bloom prevention in order to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

The ideal way to prevent bloom is to store your chocolate in an area of low humidity and stable temperature to avoid condensation.

If the chocolate is cold from being stored in the refrigerator or freezer, be sure to keep it covered upon removal and allow it to warm gradually, keeping air circulation minimized.