Manuka honey is one of the most cherished honeys in the world. This honey is produced mainly in New Zealand, by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. This honey is known for its powerful medicinal powers. It is great for the application on the skin, and for consumption. Manuka honey’s healing powers have been celebrated for thousands of years. But, as with all amazing products, there are knock-offs everywhere! Fielding through real and fake can be difficult, but the best way to do that is to know what makes real Manuka honey so special. 


Even regular honey is very medicinal. What sets Manuka honey apart is its levels of hydrogen peroxide, methylglyoxal, and dihydroxyacetone. This mix is what makes up the Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF. Different strains of Manuka Honey have a different concentration of UMF. Hydrogen peroxide helps to regenerate cells during the wound healing process. Over time, the dihydroxyacetone will convert to methylglyoxal, which gives Manuka honey its antibacterial properties.  

When purchasing Manuka honey, it is important to ensure that it is medicinal. Not all Manuka honey strains have medicinal benefits. Genuine Manuka honey usually has a UMF rating on the label. The marker is what lets consumers know that this product is legitimate.  

Even though only 1,700 tons of genuine UMF honey are produced annually, around 10,000 more tons more are being sold, worldwide. Many so-called “Manuka Honeys” have been tested and deemed fakes. Real Manuka honey should be labeled and packaged in New Zealand. The UMF stamp should be clear on the label. The company should be licensed to use the UMF stamp, and the actual UMF rating should at least be above 5. If the honey is rated anywhere between zero to four, it means that beneficial properties are not detectable. If rated between five to nine, there are lower levels of beneficial properties are detectable. A rating between ten to fifteen indicates that there are useful levels of beneficial properties. A rating of sixteen or more are high grade levels of beneficial properties. Genuine Manuka honey is wonderful. Its healing powers span from acne, to eczema, even to strep throat.  Avoid the fakes!  Betheny’s Best uses only the finest genuine UMF Manuka honey. No imposters in our kitchen! 

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